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2019 Exam Feedback (5th June and 10th June)

How did you find it? I think the questions were something like this:

Paper 1:


  • Define the three types of knowledge. (3 marks)
  • Explain Berkeley's master argument. (5 marks)
  • Explain Descartes' intuition and deduction. (5 marks)
  • Explain scepticism and Locke's reply from the involuntary nature of perception. (12 marks)
  • Is there innate knowledge? (25 marks)


  • What is moral anti realism? (3 marks)
  • Explain the difference between acting in accordance with duty and acting out of duty. (5 marks)
  • Explain why Hume says moral judgements are non-cognitive. (5 marks)
  • Apply Aristotle's virtue theory to the issue of simulated killing. (12 marks)
  • Assess utilitarianism. (25 marks)

Paper 2:

Metaphysics of God:

  • Explain the difference between moral evil and natural evil. (3 marks)
  • Explain the paradox of the stone. (5 marks)
  • Outline the differences between cognitivist and non-cognitivist accounts of religious language. (5 marks)
  • Outline Descartes' ontological argument and Kant's response that existence is not a predicate. (12 marks)
  • Assess the teleological argument. (25 marks)

Metaphysics of Mind:

  • Define qualia. (3 marks)
  • Explain how the knowledge argument could be used against functionalism. (5 marks)
  • Explain Ryle's argument that substance dualism makes a category mistake. (5 marks)
  • Outline what a philosophical zombie is and explain the response that philosophical zombies are metaphysically impossible. (12 marks)
  • Assess eliminative materialism. (25 marks)


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